GO Customs cue (Plain + Ring work)



GO Customs cues are made of 100% carbon composite material and combined with the right foam, these cues are “perfectly” balanced and ensures optimum performance.

Because these butts are made of carbon composite material, they are very stiff.
Stiffness in combination with the right weight, optimizes performance and very low deflection!

GO Customs cues provide more action, more accuracy and playability.

Customization options:

Weight (19.5 oz – 25 oz)
Joint ring color
Butt cap color

* NOTE *
Weight you choose is fixed, you can make you cue heavier but not lighter.

Additional information


3/8-10, 5/16-14, 5/16-14 non piloted, 5/16-18, 5/16-18 non piloted, Bullet, radial, Unilock, Wavy


58" inch, 59" inch, 60" inch

Ring color

Black, Black GEM, Blue GEM, Carbon Black, Cyan GEM, Dark Blue Blue Snake, Golden Dragon, Green GEM, Light Blue Laguna Dragon, Light Green Green Mamba, Orange GEM, Pink Dragon, Purple Dragon, Red Magma Dragon, Violet GEM, White Ivory, Yellow GEM


19,5 oz, 20 oz, 20,5 oz, 21 oz, 21,5 oz, 22 oz, 22,5 oz, 23 oz, 23,5 oz, 24 oz, 24,5 oz, 25 oz

Tip diameter

11.1 mm, 11.5 mm, 11.8 mm, 11.9 mm, 12.2 mm, 12.4 mm, 12.5 mm, 12.8 mm, 12.9 mm


G2 Hard, G2 Medium, G2 Soft, GO Tip Hard, GO Tip Medium, GO tip Soft, Kamui Athlete Medium, Kamui Black Hard, Kamui Black Medium, Kamui Black Soft, Kamui Black Super Soft, Kamui Brown Hard, Kamui Brown Medium, Kamui Brown Soft, Kamui Clear Black Hard, Kamui Clear Black Medium, Kamui Clear Black Soft, Kamui Clear Black Super Soft, Kamui Clear Original Hard, Kamui Clear Original Medium, Kamui Clear Original Soft, Kamui Clear Original Super Soft, Kamui Original Super Soft, Navigator Alpha Hard, Navigator Alpha Medium, Navigator Alpha Soft, Navigator Black Hard, Navigator Black Medium, Navigator Black Soft, Navigator Blue Impact Hard, Navigator Blue Impact Medium, Navigator Blue Impact Soft, Predator Victory Hard, Predator Victory Medium, Predator Victory Soft, TAOM Fusion


No, Yes

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