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GO SNK shaft is an improved last generation GO shaft made of composite material.

GO SNK ( SNOOKER ) shaft has an CONICAL taper and have ZERO DEFLECTION.

GO SNK shaft is also available with GO Customs cues.

The perfect combination of foam, carbon type, carbon thickness and way of filling in the right spots in the shaft, we create an excellent hit and FEEDBACK. GO SNK custom shaft is the BEST shaft on the market and have definitely less DEFLECTION then any shaft out there.


Tip diameter: 10 mm and 9.5 mm
Standard tip: GO tip soft, GO medium or GO hard
Length: 29” inch, 29.5” inch or 30” inch
Joint diameter: 21.4 mm
Joint: (almost) any joint is possible! demand for options.

3 mm white ferrule is standard.


GO SNK is a PERFECT snooker and pool shaft!

Additional information

Tip diameter

10 mm, 9.5 mm


GO tip Soft, Kamui Black Super Soft, Kamui Clear Black Super Soft, Kamui Clear Original Super Soft, Kamui Original Super Soft, GO Tip Medium, GO Tip Hard, G2 Soft, G2 Medium, G2 Hard, Kamui Clear Original Soft, Kamui Clear Original Medium, Kamui Clear Original Hard, Kamui Clear Black Soft, Kamui Clear Black Hard, Kamui Black Soft, Kamui Black Medium, Kamui Black Hard, Kamui Brown Soft, Kamui Brown Medium, Kamui Brown Hard, Navigator Alpha Soft, Navigator Alpha Medium, Navigator Alpha Hard, Navigator Black Soft, Navigator Black Medium, Navigator Black Hard, Navigator Blue Impact Soft, Navigator Blue Impact Medium, Navigator Blue Impact Hard, Predator Victory Soft, Predator Victory Medium, Predator Victory Hard


5/16-14 non piloted, 5/16-18 non piloted, Bullet, VP2, 3/8-10, 3/8-11, 3/8-14, 5/16-14, 5/16-18, radial, Unilock, United, Wavy, Other


29 inch, 29,5 inch, 30 inch

6 reviews for GO SNK (zero deflection)

  1. Alvin Chan (verified owner)

    I haven’t ordered the 10mm GOSNK, but I asked for an 8mm custom 30 inch shaft to be made for me, and having played with it for several months now on English pool, I absolutely love it! Goran kept me up to date with the progress of the order and got it delivered to me in the time frame I was promised! The zero deflection took a bit of getting used to, but now I absolutely love it and wouldn’t use a different cue for English pool again.

  2. Y.S. (verified owner)

    GO SNK clearly has less deflection than any other shaft I’ve ever used, including those from major companies. When I hit the cue ball harder, the difference gets even more apparent. This can be a huge advantage in the game.
    I was worried about the amount of spin on power stroke shots because it’s very thin, but it actually turned out to be really great! Once I get a feel for the contact point on the cue ball, It’s not at all inferior to other thicker shafts on those shots. In addition, the cue ball is less likely to jump unnecessarily, which often results in rather beautiful action.
    I’m also satisfied with the hitting sound, it’s very clear and pleasant. The feel/feedback is pretty comfortable too.

    If you’re interested in thinner carbon fiber shafts, this is the one!

  3. llj (verified owner)

    As a pool player who occasionally likes to switch to snooker table I was looking for a shaft that would fit to may pool cue.
    I have already moved to CF with my pool shafts so the idea was to check if this was also available for small size diameters (<10mm) as used in snooker.
    Eventually I came across the Go Custom website and decided to give it a go.

    Decision / Ordering:
    Take very seriously the stated notes “ALMOST ANYTHING IS CUSTOMIZABLE!” and “demand (ask) for options”, this is something Go Customs excels at.
    A number of options can be configured by “pull down menus”, but much more seems to be possible. Use “product notes” or email…
    I have asked for the shaft diameter at the joint to be adapted to match my cue butt (it was less than standard 21.4mm).

    Shipping / delivery:
    Very fast considering the level of customization, under a week from the order until delivery in another EU country via DHL Express.
    Professional packaging.

    Shaft itself, joint protector (wasn’t aware that this will be included), paperwork, patches…

    “Look and feel”:
    The high level craftsmanship is obvious. The precision and finish are comparable to well known products such as Ignite I used to own. Joint (wavy) fits as “original”. As common for snooker shafts it has a very steep conical tapper. I wonder if the CF technology would allow for more parallel, “european” style tapper as that would be more comfortable…
    Deflection is something that is hard to measure or determine empirically. I would say it is definitely much lower than my current snooker cue, but I would not go so far and claim “zero deflection” (not sure if this is even achievable considering the laws of physics).
    The tip I selected (Kamui Brown Medium) feels a bit too soft for this shaft, and with the harder tip the deflection could be even lower. Nice "hit".
    Playability in total: This might well be the maximum of what can be achieved when combining the pool cue butt with a custom CF shaft for the game of snooker.

    Bottom line: Another happy customer.

  4. Scott (verified owner)

    I ordered the 9.5mm tip GO SNK shaft mainly to play English pool using my American pool butt as struggled to find a wooden shaft that I liked.Love this shaft it plays really well and feels great.Highly recommended.

    I don’t play snooker really …only occasionally play but not very well but tried the ‘lineup’ training they do with this shaft and after 3 hours practise I made breaks of 52 & 54 which I have never done before. Also played a friend who I have never once won a frame against and for the first time ever beat him not once but twice.He called the shaft a ‘magic wand’ 😂.
    I highly recommend this shaft for snooker and English pool.

  5. Shawn Flynn (verified owner)

    I primarily play pool here in the US, but I enjoy switching to snooker whenever possible so I ordered the 9.5mm GO SNK shaft and I really like it! The craftsmanship is absolutely excellent, and the quality feels as good as any carbon fiber shaft you’ll find anywhere if not better. The shaft fit perfectly flush with my pool cue and it feels completely seamless at the joint. The shaft itself is smooth as silk and can easily be played without a glove if you prefer. The shaft also has a very smooth and gradual taper down to the 9.5mm tip which makes it look very natural on any butt you choose. I didn’t choose to make may customizations, but I did request a thinner ferrule than advertised and I’m very happy with the ferrule size. Overall, I would very highly recommend GO Customs for a shaft (and I’m sure the full cues are just as spot on), and I will certainly be ordering again when I’m in the market for another shaft. Excellent work by the GO Customs team, thank you!

  6. Mike Manka (verified owner)

    Wow! I didn’t want to believe zero deflection but Goran and GO Team really made a zero deflection shaft.

    Ordered a 9.5mm 30in radial shaft for my predator butt. Goran installed a custom tip I requested. Compared to the main carbon fiber production brands out there; GO SNK craftsmanship is better, finish is on par, and feedback is far superior. Doesn’t have the “clank” like most CF shafts. And yes zero deflection in comparison.

    I use the shaft for American pool and you really make the cue ball dance with this shaft. Wish I purchased sooner.

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